Check for fakes and illicit goods before you buy online

Products that are fake, illicit, or totally unfit for purpose are widely on sale, often alongside the real thing. These products can be very poor quality, untested, or have been found to be dangerous and withdrawn from sale.

Now you can check before you buy and reduce the likelihood of harm. Simply paste in an eBay listing URL here and we’ll give you an indication of whether the product appears to be legitimate or not:

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Watch the checker in action. This technology is still in its testing phase, which means it is currently restricted to a limited range of products on sale on eBay. We’re constantly adding new product types and will soon be extending the checker to other platforms, including Amazon and Facebook.

And the more the checker is used, the smarter it gets - so keep checking for fakes before you buy!

Help us protect more shoppers

This technology will always be free for consumers to use. But as it is still in the development stage, we’d love your feedback to help make it as valuable and useful as possible. Although we use complex maths, data analysis and advanced algorithms to generate the results, it is your stories and experiences that make this technology effective.

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