Why Reducing Demand For Fake & Illicit Goods Matters


How to check for fake goods on Ebay

Here’s how to use Vistalworks/checker to make more informed shopping choices on Ebay. Simply copy the listing url, paste it into the checker and decide for yourself how you want to proceed. A safer purchase decision in seconds - this 30 second demo video shows you how.


Inspector Jane Donaldson of Police Scotland and Vistalworks CEO, Vicky Brock, launch innovative new technology that protects consumers from the harm of illicit goods, by letting them check for fakes before they buy. They explain how it works and why reducing consumer demand for illicit goods matters (7 minutes)

the risks of BUYING fake products

Vicky shares how AI technology has found categories where 80% of ecommerce marketplace listing are fake. Radio interview (5 minutes)

"With fake shoes, the worst that can happen is you get ripped off and they immediately fall apart. With fake diet pills, the worst that can happen is they can kill you".