Terms of use

These general terms (including the privacy policy) apply to anyone using Vistalworks’ content on this domain, or the Vistalworks Checker Tool on this or approved third party domains. Please take the time to read these terms and conditions because you should not use Vistalworks’ services unless you agree to these general terms and our privacy policy.

The ‘powered by vistalworks’ checker tool

The free to use checker tool is delivered by Vistalworks on an ‘as is’ basis and neither Vistalworks nor any of the third party sites on which the “powered by Vistalworks” tool appears can be held liable for any errors.

As this is new, and rapidly changing technology, it is possible that every now and again things may not go as planned. We actively solicit consumer feedback on the outcome of their purchase and sellers can contact us to apply for our security checking and approval process.

If we make a mistake, we will do our best to put things right as soon as possible. However we cannot be held liable for any errors or purchases made as a result of using the tool and will not be able to compensate you for any loss you may suffer due to issues, including, but not limited to:

  • any mistake we make with the content on our website or in our tools;

  • any parts of Vistalworks and its tools being unavailable or inaccessible;

  • your use of any organisation’s website that you access from having used our website or tool (including any purchase from that organisation and any use they make of the personal data you provide to them);

  • any inaccurate seller or product risk information, including any risk or harm predictions.

The checker tool captures and stores as standard the date of your query, the URL queried, and the result returned. Your Internet Protocol (IP) address, and details of which version of web browser you used is also collected. This information is collected in order to make sure the site is meeting the needs of its users, to monitor and make improvements to the service, to identify security threats, and to aggregate data about illicit trading patterns for further analysis.

The aggregated data we collect will be analysed and may be shared with government departments, agencies and public bodies. It may also be shared with our technology suppliers, for example our hosting provider.

We will not:

  • sell or rent your personal data to third parties

  • share your personal data with third parties for marketing purposes

We will share your data if we are required to do so by law – for example, by court order, or to prevent fraud or other crime.